Thursday, July 28, 2016


Some of us knew who God was when we were growing up and thought there was no more than that. God was God and He was the creator of all and knew all that was going on. It was like He was a peering down on each of our lives like one of those reconnaissance satellites. He saw what they saw and more. The fact is that we were born into the enemy's camp. We were born with the sin of the first Adam in our system. We knew who God was, but there was no way we could have a relationship with Him. We had to escape first. Jesus gave us the escape plan and by faith we took it. We got out of the enemy's clutches. Because someone somehow showed His light to us, we became free. We were retasked so that our eyes were now on Jesus. Now it is our turn. We have each been tasked to do the same for others; to bring them the Good News and see them reconciled to God. ~

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