Friday, January 15, 2021

See As God Sees

Isn't it time to stop viewing others as the world does and start seeing them as God does? We are all the same in God’s eyes. He made us and all that He made is good. All that we have we have because of Him. So let's stop envying others for what they might have and stop flaunting what we think we have that is so great. Nothing of value can be accomplished without God. All we have is because of Him. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ. ~

Thursday, January 14, 2021

How Many

How many Christians do we know that are putting up a good front? Only God knows their hearts. Even they may not realize what a large gap there is between them and Him. They may be deceived. So we have to be careful not to elevate any person based on appearances. The only one that should ever be looked to in that way is Jesus Himself. Nobody else can be assumed to be faithful or worthy of such a position. All we can do is keep ourselves faithful to Him and know we have His forgiveness as we wander from the left to the right while trying to keep to the path He has for us. We must judge all that we do for ourselves, but not trust even that judgment. We must look to the Holy Spirit to guide us through and teach us daily. ~

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

God Works Miracles

God works miracles among us because He loves us. He gave us the Holy Spirit to comfort us and to guide us into all Truth. The converse of that is that the Holy Spirit also tries to nudge us away from untruth. But the choice is always ours to listen to Him and to obey or to ignore. Miracles don't happen just because we went to a special training session on how to lay hands on the sick. They don't happen because we now have our certificate of completion at the local bible school. Miracles happen because we believe and listen to the Holy Spirit. We listen when He tells us to step out and cast out demons and to heal the sick. We listen and we reach out in faith, for He has given us the power to do so. ~

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Different But The Same

We may look different and dress differently. We may have long hair or short hair. We may be a man or a woman. In the world's eye, we are not the same. But in Christ, we are the same. We are one with Jesus. We have the same Holy Spirit. We have the same power within us. We have been given the same promises. We are brother and sister and share the same Father God. We are all different yet we are all the same. As believers, we are all Christians and we are all one in Christ Jesus. ~

Monday, January 11, 2021

One Word

There is only one Word, one Christ Jesus. If what we believe does not line up with His Word, then we are not lined up with Him. We must be careful not to let tradition take us away from Truth. We must get in His Word, stay in His Word, and in all we do test everything by His Word so we aren't deceived into sin. ~

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Be Careful

We must be careful who we listen to. And when we do listen, we must test all that we hear and see by the Word of God before we get trapped in a web of deception. We must live by His Word. We must listen only to His voice and follow Him in all that we do. ~

Saturday, January 09, 2021

The Plan

God wants to work through each and every one of us. He wants us to believe and to seek the Truth. He wants us to walk the walk He created us for. To reveal the plan requires a relationship. Many times we wonder and wonder what He has for us to do. We read this book and that book. We attend seminars and special church services with the latest and greatest prophet and wait to hear a word from God. We wait and then we wait some more. Yet the plan is simple. He wants us to get to know Him, to have a close relationship with Him. Then we will be at that place where all of the plan can be revealed. ~