Monday, October 10, 2016


Matthew 5:11-12 NLT
God blesses you when people mock you and persecute you and lie about you and say all sorts of evil things against you because you are my followers. Be happy about it! Be very glad! For a great reward awaits you in heaven. And remember, the ancient prophets were persecuted in the same way.

Don't rock the boat. Turn the other cheek. Sticks and stones... And I am sure there are many others that come to mind about
Not letting what others say have an effect on you.

We tend to want to be liked by others. And sometimes we let them bring us down paths we know are not for us to travel on. Their language and innuendos can easily bring us from walking in the light to darkness. We are tempted because we want to please them.

We avoid bringing up Jesus and what He has done in our lives to avoid confrontation. We want happy. But the world's happy is far from true happy. That can only be obtained as we walk with Jesus.

As we boldly go where many believer dare not we are mocked and persecuted. We put on the full armor of God. We let them say what they will but we put on spiritual duct tape and just listen. We don't argue with them or we can be pulled into their web of deception.

Thank you, Jesus for going to cross making it possible for me to receive the grace of God and walk in it all day every day. For being protected by your blood and having your authority and power to command the enemy out of my life. Thank you for the great reward that awaits me in heaven.

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