Sunday, December 17, 2017

Receive the Upgrade

We are born again. A new creature in christ. An alien to this world, this reality we live in on earth. Our true home is in heaven. We have a new spirit born in heaven, an upgrade of our spirit to the spirit of Christ, the Holy Spirit.

Everything Holy Spirit does is about bringing us closer to the revelation of what Jesus has already done. Closer to understanding what was completed at the cross. He wants us to stop trying to figure it out and just believe. As we believe we can receive.

If we can see it completed in our mind's eye then we can believe it and in faith receive it as done.

We have the mind of christ in our spirit and yet we keep thinking with our carnal mind. Our walk here is about getting our carnal mind to think in the spirit. About transforming our mind to think like the mind of Christ. When that happens, our soul and body begin to function as it is in heaven here on earth.

This does not happen with the flick of a switch. I wish it did. It is a daily challenge to die to self, to think with our spirit mind instead of our wrongly programmed mind filled with the malware of life here on earth.

We can fix old programming in our cell phones by simply accepting an upgrade from its maker. In a few minutes time our phone has forgotten the old and only works with the new.

As a born again believer in Jesus Christ, we have the latest program in our spirit. Holy spirit, the mind of Christ is in us. The upgrade to our spirit was completed as soon ad we believed. Oh how I wish the transformation of our soul was as easy.

Our soul is controlled by our mind and our body conforms to that thinking. There is truth to all that positive thinking talk. As a man thinketh so he is. And as we allow Holy Spirit to transform our mind to think as the mind of Christ that is the only way we will think

Our carnal mind says that can't be done or trys to figure it out. Our spirit says it is already done. There is nothing to do but receive it.

How can we make it happen you ask? It is about our free will. Our maker does not force new programming on us. We have to choose.  We chose Jesus and the download was done.  It us up to us to repent of our old programming and allow Holy Spirit to install the changes. 

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