Saturday, January 04, 2020

The Light

John 8:12
Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying, “I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.”

We think about turning on a light and our mind goes to flicking a switch. That is what we do daily. We turn lights on in our house to be able to see. We turn our headlights on in our vehicle to be able to see as we drive at night.

Our natural eyes do not see well when we are surrounded by darkness. We need the light of day from the sun or we need artificial light to brighten up a room.

Yet even in that bright room there can be darkness. It is in another realm. It is spiritual darkness. It is evil.

The light you bring when you walk into the room exposes the evil and drives it out. It exposes the love of Jesus you bring everywhere your feet take you.

His light shines through you as your smile lights up a room. His light shine as Holy Spirit speaks truth through your lips. His light shines as you lay your hands on the sick and they are healed.

Just like a tiny flashlight turned on it a dark room, Holy Spirit lights up a room as you walk into it. His presence overpowers any evil that may be trying to manifest.

Believe it and receive it.

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