Sunday, May 13, 2018

Different Programming

We all come from different religious backgrounds and we've all been programmed. And then we became born again. But instead of throwing out the old program and rebooting with a whole new program created when Jesus went to the cross we mix the two. He went to the cross and took all our sins, all our old programming, all our diseases, all our sicknesses, and all curses from all of us for time forever.

We got a new start. We do not need to hang onto the old programs. Christianity is not about patching or updating old programming. It is about claiming the new program. It is about walking forward as a new man with the DNA of Jesus.

His time on the cross gave us complete freedom. Freedom from all old programming; all religious programming. We are righteous in Christ. We find ourselves immersed in the grace of God. When God looks at us He only sees His son, Jesus.

It is about time we understood this and walked it out daily. Jesus defeated satan. The enemy has been placed beneath our feet. It is time to stop giving him credit for the challenges in our lives as if we have no choice but to live under his bondage. It is time to go, preach the good news, disciple those that believe, and lay hands on the sick seeing them recover

We are no longer under the age of law. We are living in the age of grace. Jesus came to fulfill the law. He ushered in the age of grace. If we continue to practice the traditions and laws of the last age are we not discounting the cross?

Jesus did not come so that we would continue in old traditions and in the ways of those looking to Father God for his approval. Under grace, God only sees us through the love He has for his only Son. We are in Jesus and He is in us. We should stop living on both sides of the street. We can't one day boot into the old programming and then the next day boot into the new programming. We have to give up the old and walk in the new.

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