Sunday, February 11, 2018

Don't Settle

John 6:29 NLT
Jesus told them, "This is the only work God wants from you: Believe in the one he has sent."

2,000 years ago Jesus went to the cross for us. Everyone makes mention of the fact that He died taking on all of our sins, past present and future. That he was buried and rose again on the third day making himself known to his disciples.

Somehow the fact that He also took upon himself all of the curses associated with the law which includes all sickness and disease seems overlooked. He totally paid our debt for all time. He fulfilled the law and ushered in the age of grace.

I often hear messages preached about how we must please the Father by removing all sin from our lives. Those in the last age were taught those same things and they could not do it. Jesus went to the cross for forgiveness of sin forever for all humanity. The only requirement is to believe in Jesus.

We seem to have lost touch with what Jesus did when he went to the cross. We don't depend on him for the healing He's already given us. We don't depend on Him for forgiveness and think we have to keep asking.

We are free from sin, sickness and death. As born-again believers we are loved unconditionally by the father and seen by him only through his son Jesus. The word tells us he sees our sin no more. And yet preachers tell us that in order to please God we have to stop sinning.

When we became born-again we received Holy Spirit and we no longer have this desire to sin. Try as much as we can to avoid sin we find ourselves falling into traps as our memories of past events are triggered daily.

We are tempted to go back to those old stomping grounds and get back those good feelings we had when we did this or that. Yet when we do, when we put ourselves in sins way, it doesn't feel the same. We are not that person anymore.

We are no longer sinners. We are born again believers walking in the spirit because of who is in us. As we allow him to guide us we are steered away from the temptations of life. But as we lose sight of the path, God does not punish us. In fact he does not even see it.

Does this mean that we can get away with anything because we are born again? No, there are consequences to our actions that we face here on earth. But this does not shake our promise of heaven and eternity with God.

It's time to know who we are in Christ. It's time to walk leaning on Holy Spirit and not our past lives. It's time to believe in He who the Father sent. It's time to walk in the healing and deliverance Jesus died on the cross for us to have.

We need to stop settling for what the world tells us. The only work the Father wants of us is to believe in Jesus. We need to lean on Holy Spirit and not others advice, doctors, and pharmaceutical companies. Fact is, Jesus healed us at the cross. We need to learn to walk in it.

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