Sunday, August 06, 2017


John 8:44 NLT
For you are the children of your father the devil, and you love to do the evil things he does. He was a murderer from the beginning. He has always hated the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, it is consistent with his character; for he is a liar and the father of lies.

The enemy is a master of distraction. He is a liar and a thief. And yet we can be so in need of direction in our life that we may be seeing his distraction as our direction.

Are we letting the enemy convince us that the path we are taking is from God? Is the direction from Him or is the enemy pulling us away from our destiny?

How do we know the difference? I believe all the things we need to solve any question can be found in God's word. The more we read His word the more we understand Him and truth. The more we understand Him the easier it is to know what is from Him and what is from the deceptive tongue of the enemy or the temptations of our past still surfacing from our memories.

God will not take us down a path that leads us away from the truth. He will not have us doing things that distract us from Him.

God wants all of us all the time. Anything that takes us away from our path to Him is a distraction. And when we are looking to someone or something other than Him we are in sin.

Under grace, the Father does not see our sin, but as born again believers our desires are to do what we know to be right in His eyes. He loves us regardless and has already forgiven us of our indiscretions.

Yet every indiscretion opens a crack in us that satan can use to slip in something of his -- sickness, depression, anxiety, pain, stress, and more.

We need to be careful of our choices and know that they line up with God's word and are not simply distractions no matter how good they may feel.

Father, help me to discern when I'm walking down a path of distraction instead of in the direction you have for me. Pull me away from the distraction before it leads to destruction. In Jesus name, I pray.

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