Sunday, April 02, 2017

What We Think

We talk about how important our words are. We read about that in James and other places. What we speak is prophetic. Curses and praises out of our lips set things in motion.

And yet how often are we not verbalizing our thoughts? How we think is important to our well-being. Are we thinking with the mind of Christ? Or are we thinking out of our old mindset?

Whether we are sleeping or awake what do our thoughts tell us? Are they encouraging or discouraging? Are we dwelling on who we are in Christ or on what we can accomplish on our own?

Our day-to-day thoughts should line up with the word of God. And yet it is so easy to slip back into the way we used to think. And temptation comes our way that moves our mind away from Jesus, Away from the mind of Christ and the way He thinks.

Father God help me to keep my inner words positive and encouraging.

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